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 Perk Perkins

 Writer, Humorist, Speaker, Musician, Singer/Songwriter

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weekly newspaper column. The column is sometimes

motivational, sometimes inspirational and always  

oddball and unique.  


Speaking Presentations

How To Avoid the Cult of Positive Thinking a humorous, motivational presentations to conventions, the corporate world, churches and civic organazations.


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 The Smile Factor 


The Five Senses


I know that myself and my three beautiful children are very lucky. God has blessed us. We all have our five senses fully intact. When our babies are born the first thing we look for is ten fingers and ten toes. After that, we make sure they can see and hear. Once we know they can, we begin to wonder…why don’t they ever listen to us and how can they not see that towel on the floor that’s been in their bedroom for over a week? Or am I alone in this observation? I didn’t think so.

Lately, I’ve began to wonder about the other three, somewhat overlooked senses, touch, smell and taste. I have heard of people losing their sense of taste. That would be a drag but not an extremely, horrific situation. Okay, so everything tastes like cardboard, poor baby. Maybe your wife is just a horrible cook? Does your dog beg for Alka Seltzer? That may be the problem.

Losing the sense of smell would almost be a blessing in some instances, as anyone in my family can attest to. And, I don’t think you can lose the sense of touch but you can be accused of, ‘not being in touch with your feelings.’ Or maybe you’ve, ‘lost touch with reality.’ Stick your hand in your mouth and bite really hard. Does it hurt? Okay, you’re fine.

And we’ve all heard that if a person loses his eyesight, his sense of hearing grows much stronger to make up for the deficiency. But, what if you lose your sense of taste? Does your sense of smell quadruple in power to help out? At breakfast would you say, "Hey, this bacon taste like Elmer’s glue, but my friend Ryan Bowling down the block needs to change his cats litter box."

So what about your five senses? Think about your favorite memory of each…what are they? Here are mine.

Sight: the miracle of watching my three wonderful kids being born.

Hearing: listening to the giant snowflakes fall through the naked tree branches while deep in the woods during a snowstorm.

Smell: Burning wood and my smoldering tennis shoe rubber in a late fall campfire.

Taste: A strong, bold coffee in the morning, but only if I have no particular place to go.

Touch: The first baby-kiss from Casey, Taylor and Emilee Rose. Tell me what’s better than that?





My Music


 Emerald Eyes

This is a song I wrote and recorded

for me beautiful girl Wendy!



 My version of an Elvis classic.



Original Music

 This is a song I wrote and recorded many years ago and recently made a video of it. I wrote it to honor my father and all who have served in our military. Although nobody wants war we thank those who have helped protect our freedom in the past, in the present and in the future.


Red, White and Blue



Perfect Hit Country Song


Haggard Had it Right made it to Number 4 in the

                  European Country Music Association

Top 100 Radio Chart for the week of Jan 26th 2013.

It also made it to Number 1 in several countries such as

Germany, The UK, Belgium and The Netherlands

Thank you DJ's all over the world for playing our tune!


Haggard Had It Right 



Tell Me





This is a song I wrote for my sweet grandson.

Josey's Lullabye