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            James Dean Perkins, Perk to his friends...

...has been a writer for many years and written for diverse group of national publications. Along with authoring several novella's he has worked as a script doctor on a movie set, written several spec scripts, many short stories and Perk just completed a novel called, The Angels of Valley Junction.

His popular, humorous and motivational newspaper column, The Smile Factor ran every week from 2007 to 2015 in the Nixa Xpress Newspaper, which has won several awards for excellence from the Missouri Newspaper Association.

Perk has also had columns in publications such as Inside Karate, Dealer Magazine (Auto Industry), Iowa Parent and Family Magazine and he has been a consistent contributor in many other national publications.

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The Smile Factor

From the archives

Eagle or Chicken?

A while back I was driving some beautiful back roads in Arkansas. It was a lazy, sunny morning and I was enjoying the natural scenery out the window. I came around a curve and there was a commercial chicken farm on my left side. There was a wide metal building, several hundred feet long that housed what had to be thousands of chickens. There was a bed of white feathers surrounding the building and it appeared the sides were mostly wire. I would guess it was chicken wire, because I am just that smart of a person.


Now chicken and turkey farms are a fairly common sight in these parts but the tree next to the chicken building is what fascinated me. In the large maple, sitting on a low branch, all the way on the end, just ten feet from the building was a beautiful majestic bald eagle. His jet-black body looked sleek and smooth and was a sharp contrast to his snow white feathered head. His eyes were focused intensely on the clucking chickens safely behind the wire only a few feet away.


At first I chuckled to myself at the situation. That poor eagle was so close to a thousand delicious meals and yet he was bound to eventually admit defeat and fly away hungry. Or was he? Was he hatching, (sorry), a brilliant plan in his little bird brain? Or did he just happen upon the building, hoping for an easy meal? I thought that if he had a human brain he might have tried biting through the wire, or digging underneath, or walking around the outside looking for an opening.

But then I wondered, "Why am I rooting for the eagle instead of the chicken?" They are both birds, both God’s creatures. Is one more important than the other in the big scheme of things? Well, chickens are very tasty and I’ve always found eagles to be a little chewy, but that wasn’t it.


My guess is the eagle sat outside the building for several hours, hoping a chicken would stumble out and offer himself as a sacrifice. Then, still being hungry, he flew the coop, (Real, real sorry).


How many times have you sat outside a chicken coop waiting for a lucky break? The opportunity was there but you hoped it would just come to you. We have an advantage over the eagle. God gave us creative minds that enable us to figure out how to get into the chicken coop and the power of prayer to insure success. But, we have to use our brains, prayers and all the resources available to make it happen. We all have chicken coops. Thomas Edison’s chicken coop was a dark room. Dr. Jonas Salk’s chicken coop was polio. What’s your chicken coop?


When problems seem tough, just remember, at least your not the chicken!